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Medical Full Body Massage

Contributes to physical and emotional well-being. A medical full body massage can release tension, increase circulation and reduce pain and stress.


Also used in treatment of diseases of the supporting and locomotor system, for circulatory disorders, connective tissue problems and headaches.



Thai- Massage

Finds clothed, and consists of Dehnbewegungen, Gelenkmobilisation and pressure points, energy points are activated, blood flow is increased so the person with more life energy by

Relief of headaches, sleep disturbance, and back pain.


Dorn & Breuss Massage

Gentle treatment with small blockages in the physical, energetic and emotional range can be resolved, small misalignments of the vertebrae can be offset. Application for state Chief Beck, Ischia complaints, lumbago, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine, joint problems and all complaints

Lymphatic drainage

Used to Ödemreduzierung and endstaut swollen body regions.

Through techniques will handle fluid from the tissues into the Lymphgefäßsystem moved. Use in swelling e.g. Luxations, distortions to the preparation of a fasting or as surgical prophylaxis


Connective tissue

belongs to the reflex zone massage (ie reflexes to distant organs),

Solution of bonding and stimulation of nerve strands of the spine.